Finally it is time – we´re heading home to Copenhagen! We are not always excited when holidays come to their end, but this time around we are… when Walter and I arrive home he will start day care and we will receive the keys for our new home. September is sure to be an exciting month!!
I need to accept and understand that our baby boy is no longer a baby(!), but has grown into a little boy who will no longer be spending ALL of his time with us! Of course, I’m so excited for Walter´s new adventures and development, but it will be so different not to have him with me during the day!

That said I’m so happy that Walter and I had this “last” holiday in Italy together with my girlfriends. Just to be and hang out! We have been traveling a lot and I found layering clothing made Walter more comfortable and easy to adjust in the changing temperature. Thus, Walter is wearing bloomers, a sleeveless bodysuit with a knit.
La dolce vita. Xx



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